Systemic relationship-building

The systemic practice of relationship-building developments is expressive and body-oriented, intending to harmonize and integrate the systemic connections of speech, action, and relation with others to resolve conflict and build peace.

Problem-solving practices and techniques to renew relationships help:


  • identify and redesign dysfunctional conflict management and problem-solving schemes,

  • raise awareness and deepen communication,

  • all this becomes a competence; the individual should be able to see, interpret, decide, and act differently to create and maintain peace.

Systemic facilitation sessions to develop conflict management / problem-solving skills and strategies employs living systems' logic, building a holistic paradigm that focuses on building and maintaining harmonious human relationship systems. The practice of relationship building focuses on the individual and their dominant relationships (relationship, family, work, friends) to help him or her harmoniously integrate relationship systems.



Peace cannot be maintained by force; it can only be achieved through understanding. - Albert Einstein

Keywords for relationship building:

Vitality, reciprocity and initiative

What are relationship-building developments for?

There are conflicts in our lives' human relationships that have a crippling or combative effect on us and the processing of which does not require clinical professional help, diagnosis, and treatment, only an objective and mutually supportive relationship. Relationship-building developments seek to play this role: a supportive, flexible, yet structured activity aimed at freeing up the resources of hopeless individuals or communities, reactivating and developing blocked skills, and raising awareness of their application.

How it can help

Relationship-building developments based on a systems approach can be useful for individuals and groups in conflict; they experience chaos or stagnation and have difficulty communicating. The work uses an ‘active method,’ i.e. participants learn through their own experiences.


During the joint problem-solving process, we develop connection and communication methods in line with the body's feelings, so that the client can use them to cope with the challenges and conflicts of the disharmonious living space ( relationship , family, work, health, leisure).


What we are working on:


  • Body awareness: the ability to recognize emotions and understand the relationship between emotions, thoughts, and behaviors;

  • Stress and tension management;

  • New perspective and conflict resolution strategy .;

  • Ecological communication ability: self-identical articulation and expression of our lived experience with respect for the other party;

  • Social awareness: the ability to take on the perspective of others, the ability to empathize;

  • Interaction Awareness: Identifying the social dynamics of the environment;

  • Reflective questioning and assertive communication;

  • Relationship skills: the ability to build and maintain peaceful relationships;

  • Responsible decision-making: the ability to make good decisions by considering the behavior of others and interactions with them;

  • Techniques for transforming negatives into resources;

  • Habits to maintain vitality and peaceful relationships;

  • Acquisition of activating and self-motivating methods.

The role of the facilitator 

“The Bridge”, who is understanding and understanding, keeps the accompanying relationship in deep, active attention, thus providing focus and stable emotional support to the participants, thus creating an opportunity to research, model and articulate in their own rhythm a more peaceful, joyful, a more creative and productive way of their relationship life.

Recommended for 

For healthy adults who want to develop their conflict-resolution and problem-solving skills in their life.

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