mental health

Move consciously from a state of impasse toward well-being.

As we incorporate new ways of thinking and healthier behaviors into our lives, well-being dominates our times more and more often.

Our experiences shape our brains - for the rest of our lives.

How could you consciously create your everyday experiences to strengthen the state of well-being in your body, mind, and relationships?

With my activation advice, you can learn deeply practical and effective techniques. By practicing these on a daily, you can move from your own fortress to a state of well-being and focus on strengthening it in your system, step by step as follows:


  • Raising awareness of the situations and opportunities

  • Developing positive behaviors and habits

  • Focusing and deepening attention

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

Do you feel lost and not able to pinpoint the problem? Did the feeling just come up to you unexpectedly? Or was it triggered by an event? Everything seems hopeless, and you experience nothing to do? Maybe you're fighting where you shouldn't be? Or is there emptiness in you when you should feel it? Do you feel helpless, lost, or lonely? Is it stressful - unable to sleep, eat well, move, create, or connect with others with joy?

Are you stuck?

​Whatever is in you, one thing is for sure: you are curious because you are here on this page, which means you want to understand your situation and want to change it. Your curiosity is one of your most essential resources to cope with the difficult life situation that causes stress, worry, anxiety, or possibly depression for you. 

So you have already taken the first important step; you are here.
When you're ready, take the next one:

It's not a problem if you're not ready yet. Read on to reinforce your decision.


“Working with Lili is a self-knowledge and self-development experience I have never encountered before. What was most useful to me was that it not only helped to reframe imported experiences on a cognitive level, but also placed a strong emphasis on feelings in the body and intuitive visual exercises. These body-centered exercises stayed in me strongly and also helped me to quickly recognize situations that were uncomfortable, difficult, or simply unsupportive for me, to register them, and to change them using the methods developed in the session. By the end of the session, I was able to develop several of my own resilience-developing rituals, and I managed to reinforce a hitherto obscure part of identity that, even after a year and a half, defines, inspires, and gives a lot of energy. I am very grateful for the special experience of working together, for the exciting, self-identical result, and for the professional support! ” - PR

Do you experience a lack of well-being in your organization?

Agree on a time when we can work together to map out how an activating mental health practice at work can help move your business system by creating well-being.
in the direction of growth