12-weeks online workplace

peacebuilding program

Create sustainable peace in your organization with a 12-week online peacebuilding program focused on developing individual stress and conflict-management and communication skills. Throughout the program, the participant attends online meetings weekly. They develop their communication using system thinking, visual and somatic techniques, and improve their workplace relationships and efficiency. During counseling, the participant can resolve acute conflict situations and communication challenges by transforming their stress responses, correcting their behavioral patterns, and developing a conflict resolution strategy.

The 12-week conflict-management consulting program includes an initial assessment of the participant's challenges and the creation of a personalized program based on the individual’s challenges and needs. The leader or employee then attends the 90-minute meeting per week and provides written reflection about the work's progress after the meetings for review.


Online workplace conflict-management consulting

When conflict strikes in the organization, the resulting tension, and negative emotions lead to deteriorating relationships, damaged processes, and anticipated results. Systemic workplace conflict-management consulting can help improve communication and rebuild collaborative relationships.

As a neutral and trusted party, I work with both leaders and employees to develop the skills needed to resolve workplace conflicts. I seek to help them get to the root of the conflict. The goal is to find a people-centered and effective way to solve the problem that is acceptable to all parties.



"Collaborative communication" coaching

The successful operation of an organization is largely determined by whether members have the ability to communicate collaboratively. Developing collaborative communication to strengthen and maintain relationships should be a priority for employees, and especially leaders. To do this, they need to master the ability to listen compassionately and actively, form calm responses consciously, communicate their needs clearly and unambiguously, and have a benevolent and respectful presence and treatment.

In summary, we are working on the following skills by collaboratively focusing on leadership and employee communication:

  • the clear expression of needs and requests;

  • practicing active listening and understanding attention;

  • understanding the nature of conflicts;

  • techniques for building collaboration;

  • a calm, compassionate and well-meaning presence;

  • regulation of emotional reactions, stress and tension management;

  • developing conscious nonverbal and verbal responses;

  • creating a strategy to resolve the conflict.


Workplace conflict-management consulting for leaders


Top executives and managers are expected to listen and communicate respectfully, but because they are also human, there may be situations where emotions prevail over them. Leaders should always aim to do what is good for their organization by their position, but there are situations where they disagree on exactly what is “good” and how it should be achieved. To be a cooperative and effective leader, one must regulate one’s feelings and reactions to take calm and rational steps.


The goal of conflict-management consulting for leaders is to develop nonverbal and verbal communication in a collaborative focus and design a strategy for resolving existing conflict based on a systemic approach. During the sessions, leaders can learn practical and effective techniques to transform their leadership presence radically and thus their organization.


My mission is to help build sustainable peace from person to person. I want to convey this approach and toolkit in leadership conflict-management consulting, as leaders are the number one ambassadors for peace within an organization.


Workplace conflict-management consulting for employees

Conflicts can occur at any organizational level among employees, which can be toxic and intolerable to the work environment. Conflicts are natural in human relationships, including organizations. Still, if those involved are unable to settle their dispute consciously, the problem can escalate, leading to a break in communication, broken relationships and collaborations, and a decline in the organization.

Systemic consulting aimed at developing conflict-management and communication skills can help employees resolve their relationship peacefully and effectively. During meetings conducted focusing on peacebuilding, stakeholders can learn how to express themselves assertively and engage in a collaborative dialogue to rebuild their damaged relationship and move toward peaceful solutions. Individual consultation processes based on a systemic approach can transform relationships, thus work processes, and contribute to creating a peaceful and collaborative work environment. There is a solution to the conflict; I can help map it with systems thinking.

Resolve workplace conflicts systematically

If you’re interested in how the 12-week peace-building consulting program can help create sustainable peace in your organization, contact me to outline in detail how I can help you deal with conflict situations and rebuild work relationships during an online consultation.

As a result of the current global health crisis, tensions may increase in people, leading to more intense conflict in the organization, so maintaining peace and harmonious relationships should be a key focus in organizations where a healthy work environment is a business value. A 12-week conflict-management program can be an effective solution for them to do every day for peace, for harmonious business operations, and a thriving “business of the future.”

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