Annual ritual planner

The annual planner and online guide will help you identify, plan, organize, and implement significant rituals in your life so you can deepen your connections.

Consciously plan the rituals in your life

to deepen your connection with the world around you.


Rituals shape our lives and identities. They fill our relationships and our days with meaning.

Through them, we can express our joy, process our grief, and connect with those close to us.

Rituals help us tune in to our natural rhythms by returning to them over and over again.

to people, practices, places, and stories that help us experience the fullness of our human existence.


With the help of the printable designer (50 x 70 cm) and the online guide, you can map, develop and implement the rituals of your life, with which you can deepen the experience of meaningful and joyful connection.


You can put the finished plan on your wall, frame it, further develop it, and share it

with your family members or friends.


I developed the annual ritual planner so that you can plan your next year along a new logic,

filled with many meaningful moments you can expect and enjoy.


In times of social isolation, rituals are needed more than ever to help ground

our relationship with ourselves, others, and life. This designer can give you focus and make room in your time schedule to celebrate important moments.


The planner is able to:


- guide and inspire you over the months,

- remind you of the life you want to live and the people you want to live it with,

- strengthen the feeling of joy and connection in you and in your life.

I help you complete the designer.

I will guide you through the ritual map of next yea step by step,

on the free online design event.